The Kurber5000

The Kurber5000 is a high production concrete curb and gutter machine coupling slipform paver technology with paddle compaction, state of the art sensors, and automated controls.

Innovation | Commitment | Satisfaction

Produced and distributed by PK Manufacturing, Inc., the Kurber5000 slipform paver has a long history of satisfied customers. Since it’s inception over 30 years ago, the company has achieved national recognition. As a result of extensive upgrading and modification, the current Kurber5000 concrete curb and gutter machine has proven itself time and again by setting the standard against which all curbing machines should be measured. With your choice of designs, either center or side pour, the Kurber5000 will do the job to you and your customer’s satisfaction.

Choosing a Slipform Paver

If you are pouring roads, freeway barrier, bridge parapet, canals, or landscape curbing, please stop and visit other websites. The Kurber5000 slipform paver is designed specifically to pour concrete curb, gutters and sidewalk. It pours these items very quickly, with extreme accuracy and efficiency. The Kurber5000 slipform paver is transported on a tandem axle trailer pulled behind a pickup. If your interests coincide with this type of concrete curb and gutter machine, then please review our website thoroughly.

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